Monday, 31 March 2014

Having issues with your vehicle? Why not use Yowzit user recommendations

man sitting on broken down car in desert
Are you tired of those greasy, nasty-type, back-street mechanic chop shops that always try to put in old parts then charge you the earth, only for you to go around the block and break down after collecting the car after three whole weeks. Man, at this point you are not only out of pocket but are ready to tear your hair out!

Where, oh where can you find a reputable motor service that everyone recommends, is happy with and who does a brilliant job every time?

The answer is really very easy, really. Recommendation is perhaps the key word here. If a service or product comes highly recommended, chances are you will be 100% more likely to want to use the same service or product that everyone is talking about; after all you don’t want to feel left out.

Is your mechanic the talk of the town or is there an auto-electrician out there who should be putting his hand-print in cement on The Walk Of Fame?

Find out what other people are saying about their best motor service experiences have been in the recent past ranging from and including auto-electricians, buying car parts, testing station experiences, vehicle tracking services, which vehicle insurance to make use of and which petrol garages  they frequent amongst others.

If you have had a bad experience you can air your views; all you need to do is to review these under the various categories on our Yowzit site, and if you have had a wonderful occurrence and first-rate service it is your duty to pay the service-provider a compliment - recommendations and word of mouth are there to guide consumers.

The best way to fix your car is to use one that is recommended by someone who has had a brilliant job done to their car, and the easiest way to find out is by seeing what other consumers have to say on Yowzit. 

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Why your Yowzit reviews could help this up and coming election

Public service

Are you voting for the DA, the ANC or any other party on the list this up-and-coming Election Day? Do you feel as though you are being bombarded by posters, radio and TV ads from a million different parties and quite frankly don’t quite know which one is better than the other?

Are you disappointed or ecstatic about the service you're getting from your local Department of Home Affairs or find that you are thrilled to bits with the service you received at your neighborhood Government Hospital oncology unit or are pleased with the overall education your children have received through the Government system despite the doomsayers that are always belittling what is and what is not happening around the country in general?

Read the reviews of other “Yowziters” and see what they have to say before you decide which way the wind blows or why not add your bits and pieces if you are thrilled or terribly disillusioned about a Public Service.

If you don’t say anything about your experiences no-one will be any the wiser. You don’t have to toi-toi to get your point across – but if everyone says their bit about a service whether it is good or bad, then once the word gets out a chain reaction could ignite disgruntled consumers to speak out about their equally bad experiences; otherwise they could end up singing  praises where deserved. 

If no-one says anything and keeps deadly quiet, wrongs cannot be corrected.

On the flip side of the coin, if everyone was pleased with a particular Public Service perhaps there are others who will follow suit, but a little shy to speak out and speak up.

Reviews regarding your experiences could have a domino effect on the way in which people view a party this Election Day – being brave by speaking out is perhaps the only way forward, and what better way than to join the other brave “Yowziters” with your opinion.

Who you vote for this Election Day is up to you – but if you are not happy by not voting will mean that nothing can be corrected – remember that voting is a privilege – cast yours and tell it like it is on

Yowzit is now in over 6 countries! South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Mauritius and India!

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Use reviews to help you spend money wisely this payday

South African Rands
If you, like so many other individuals find that one payday melts into the next one – take a breather, stop for a minute to think what you are going to do with your spare change. Once all those debit orders have gone off and you are left with a couple of pennies, this is when you need to have a little fun; after all, what is life without a little fun?

But fun costs money – actually plenty of it! But wait – you have not done your homework properly. You know all those reviews that you are so eager to poo-poo away – well maybe there is method to the madness of people sending in good stuff and bad stuff about the places they have been to, the shows they have seen, the movies they have watched with their girlfriends while munching popcorn and holding sweaty hands in the dark.

Take the review written by Priyesh Kasan forexample who chatted about the Grillhouse in Rosebank. If you are a vegetarian for example and simply don’t where to begin as far as eating out is concerned – read his reviews as well as what others are saying and be a little serious about them. They are there for your benefit. Not only does this save you time and money driving around looking for somewhere “nice” to have your next meal – but surely ten out of ten individuals cannot be wrong if they sing the praises of an establishment, time and again?

Word of mouth is really what life is all about – if all your mates are raving about a certain movie, it has won a gazillion Oscars – why are you dragging your feet?

Reviews are a great way to get an idea to find that best kept little secret; this could be a live show, restaurant, movie or other cool spot you never knew existed. 

All you need to do is to visit us on to find out more about what’s happening this payday and all the other future paydays – spend your money wisely, avoid costly and disappointing mistakes because it only takes a couple of minutes to  scroll through all those interesting reviews to impress your friends.

#haveyoursay - Share your good and bad experiences with the world on 

Friday, 21 March 2014

Be the voice of South Africa this human rights day

We have recently celebrated the public holiday of Human Rights Day on the 21st of March; but honestly how many of you out there view this as anything else but a day in the sun over a braai cooking the traditional boerewors over some hot coals while chatting to friends and sipping beer?

Human Rights Day is a serious holiday; on Monday, 21 March in 1960 police opened fire on a crowd that had gathered at the Sharpeville station that were protesting against the unfair and cruel pass laws. No fewer than 69 unarmed people were shot dead in cold blood with a further 180 injured.  

The great thing about South Africa is that we are now a democracy where everyone has the freedom and the privilege to speak out about what they think and what they feel about anything and everything, are able to vote and  in power today happen to be women, which is a far cry from the 60’s!

Whether you are campaigning improvement s in the service in our libraries, hospitals and schools, we have devised a user-friendly site for you, the consumer, to talk the talk if there is something that needs to be said.

The power of speech is indeed powerful

For example – what is your opinion on our Mass Media in this country – do we really have the freedom of speech and are we really able to say things the way we want them said about our Government and the way in which the country is being run?

Do you feel that the Mass Media are making a media circus, for example, of the Oscar Pistorius case?  What is your personal opinion about our TV stations, and how they are run. Do you feel that some of the DJ’s on the various radio stations are way out of line or are there certain programmes that blow you away every time you switch on to listen and would love to compliment them?

We are the voice of South Africa – if you don’t tell it like it is no-one will hear you. Reviews have been devised to give you that voice – all you need to do is to use it.

So be part of the movement and #haveyoursay