Thursday, 17 October 2013

Femina Beauty Salon, Saligramam

If you are looking for a beauty salon that will cater for all your beauty rituals and requirements look no further than Femina Beauty Salon in Saligramam, Chennai, as this is just the place to turn ugly ducklings into lovely swans.

Everything that you need to make yourself more beautiful is on offer in this incredibly diverse beauty salon including skin treatments such as acne to anti-aging; with so much to choose from you will certainly find the right product to suit your skin perfectly.

If you are getting married, are having a special get-together or are celebrating one of the high holidays, you will find everything here as we will cater to please everyone from your little sister to your mother-in-law. You can have your nails done, hair fixes plus and if you are thinking of having a girls outing before the big day, arrange to have your manicures and pedicures as well as a couple of stress-relieving treatments for something special.

Not only is this a one-stop type of beauty salon where wedding make-up can be applied to perfection, the prices are also reasonable.

Hair treatments include:
  •          Hair ironing.
  •          Crimping.
  •          Hair colour.
  •          Hair loss treatment and much more.

Body treatments range from:
  •          Body wraps.
  •          Body contouring.
  •          Rejuvenation.
  •          Stress-relieving treatments and more.

Whether you are a visitor to Saligramam or are planning your wedding in this part of the world, Femina Beauty Salon is the perfect refuge that will take care of all your and your family’s needs turning ducks into swans.

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