Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Flying To India from Twenty Four International Destinations with Jet Airways

If you are planning to fly to India, whether from South Africa or from numerous other destinations, it is a good idea to fly with Jet Airways.

Six destinations and each connected every five minutes will not get better than that. Friendly, efficient, well- trained staff will ensure you enjoy a pleasant flight.

With the first flight in 1993, it is suffice to say that Jet Airways enjoys a good track record and is now one of the fastest growing airlines in the world; therefore, when you fly Jet Airways, you fly smart.

Connecting 24 international destinations and operating flights to and from fifty two destinations in and around India, Jet Airways is a convenient and well-priced option of getting in and around India.

Interesting Jet Airways facts:

·         Jet Airways is the second of India’s two major airlines in market –related terms as well as passenger numbers carried.
·         The airline is based in Mumbai and also in Maharashtra
·         51% of Jet Airways is owned by Naresh Goyal.
·         Jet Airways operates over 1000 flights to seventy six destinations worldwide every day.
·         The main hub of Jet Airways is Mumbai, with secondary hubs being Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru and Pune.

If you are looking for a direct flight to India for some masala, magic and mayhem, Jet Airways will take you there without further ado. Book your window seat now for some happy flying!

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