Friday, 20 December 2013

How Does Yowzit Compare to Yelp?

If you are wondering how Yowzit compares to Yelp, here are a couple of pertinent pointers you more than likely did not know about Yelp and how the two compare.

Yelp and Yowzit; how they compare and how they approach the way they review their clients:
  •          Although companies are under the impression that they will close a sale by customers telling the world about their experiences either good or bad on the Yelp platform, this is not necessarily the case, and not necessarily smart marketing – that is according to those at the Yelp realm.
  •          Yelp discourages this practice whereas Yowzit encourages as many customers as possible to air their views on their platform.
  •          Yelp’s focus is more about awareness than asking for reviews because then, according to Yelp, it becomes an arms and ammunitions race.
  •          Getting more reviews should in effect equal more traffic and therefore if there are better reviews (the wisdom of the crowds in question) more sales. But Yelp believes differently in that they feel that quality outdoes quantity every time.
  •          Customers don’t always want to be seen as a promotional vehicle, either.
  •          Yelp has paid individuals in the past to post reviews, although over the past couple of years, this has not been common practice.

For those that are not in the know, Yelp, Inc. is an American company that operates an "online urban guide" which evaluates and reviews businesses on their site. The site was founded in 2004 by Jeremy Stoppelman and Russel Simmons.

Research has found that customers who praise in their reviews usually rate that particular service as being 5 star whereas those that are not complimentary usually rate that particular service with a one star. This applies to both Yelp and Yowzit.

Both Yelp and Yowzit are platforms where clients can air their views, although there are common denominators as well as differences regarding both.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Is Yowzit The Next Competitor to Hellopeter

If you are looking for the best of the SA web whether this means sourcing banking, fashion, news, travel or shopping – it is thanks to the internet that just about anything is only a few clicks away. How, then, can you separate the wheat from the chaff?

Hellopeter’s site came to Peter Cheales whilst on a flight from Joburg to Cape Town. With so many people telling him tales of woe and poor service – listening and advising were just not enough, resulting in Hellopeter becoming the go-to website for service-related issues.

Peter launched his site in February 2000 and it was soon receiving an average of 150 complaints and compliments a day, but by 2003 the site was draining him financially; by instituting a subscription fee of R427.50 a year and prices for customer service reports based on a sliding scale, the site was seen to be going from strength to strength.

We need to ask ourselves the question – is Yowzit going to be the next competitor to Hellopeter or not? This is a difficult question to answer and perhaps will have varying points of view as both will have their fans and both will have their critics, and as with everything in life there will be individuals that will not feel partial to either.

Today Hellopeter is a giant with 18 million hits a month.

There are great things in store for Yowzit, too, as this is a brilliant platform for individuals to air their views – whether you like something or dislike something, an unbiased platform where you can either compliment or vent is a brilliant way for other individuals to discover what you do or don’t enjoy anywhere in the world – it might be a spa in India or a restaurant in London, a movie or book you think everyone should enjoy; you can now have your say by making use of the Yowzit site.

Yowzit has a chance of becoming the next competitor to Hello Peter – after all Facebook has some really stiff competition too.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Five Top Restaurants To Eat Out At In Cape Town

If you love your coffee brewed just right you simply have to try out the wonderful Vida e Caffè in Tygervalley. Few coffee shops can beat the vibe, quality of the brew and the friendliest staff in the Western Cape. If you are having a quick meeting with colleagues or clients, or simply want to while away the time, it does not get better than this little corner of Heaven on Earth. And if it is just a quick grab and go, nothing will beat this brew – you must try Vida e Caffé Tygervalley just once to be hooked for life!

For those that have grown up with drive-in cinemas and roadhouses why not take the kids along to show them how it was done when you were young. If you feel like a greasy burger and chips soaked in vinegar, no place in South Africa, let alone Cape Town can beat this quaint, rustic and authentic spot where the food has been lovingly created for the past thirty years! Take the kids (even your first date) to the Wembley Roadhouse in Belgravia Road, Wembley Centre, Cape Town to satiate your appetite.

You have not lived ‘till you have tried the sensational array of aperitifs, fine wine selection, champagne and digestifs at the walk in bar at the Trader’s Bar and Cigar Lounge, Bay Hotel in Camps Bay. This is a stunning spot to kick off your shoes whilst enjoying some really excellent company after a long day at the office.

Try out Legends Bar in Langebaan for something really special. This little parcel of Paradise is akin to visiting the Med. A calm, relaxed vibe in a small settlement, fabulous food, great people – that is what you can expect. Legends Bar for those that would like to find this vibey spot is situated at the Farmhouse Hotel. You have not lived ‘till you have been to Legends in Langebaan.

For that fine wining and dining experience you will not be disappointed when enjoying a dining experience at Azure in Camps Bay.For those not in the know, Azure is located at the 12 Apostles Hotel on Cape Town’s Camps Bay, boasting a modern interior, soothing background tunes – watch the sun set from the balcony over cocktails for a memorable experience.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Top 5 Takeaway Spots In And Around Sandton

If you have never had the pleasure of a Vida e Caffè experience either in Sandton or anywhere else you are missing out on some of the most pleasant experiences ever! The brew is exceptional as are the fresh accompaniments – such as the wonderfully featherlight muffins – indeed if you are “on the go” or would like to share a bit of gossip with a friend, or a little time out from your otherwise frenetic day, take a couple of minutes, order a coffee from this lovely, vibey, buzzing and friendly coffee shop for one of those finer moments in life. Vida e Caffè in Sandton rocks!! Yes and if it is a bit of a song you feel like, this happens from time to time as well – happy staff, friendly

If you are meeting a friend, holding a business meeting or would like to browse through the incredible selection of books and magazines, the Seattle Coffee Co Store in Hyde Park Shopping Centre is just the place. Everyone loves to come here, and this is not surprising as the cake is always fresh, the muffins are superb plus the coffee and hot chocolate are quite memorable; this is a great place for meetings and sharing with friends.

Everyone knows the Mugg & Bean in Sandton City – well – everyone of importantce! This is without question one of the most popular and sought-after coffee shops in Sandton. Close enough to the Gautrain for a stop-over when meeting business colleagues or simply catching a cuppa on a Saturday or Sunday morning for brekkie, not to mention the lovely, convenient venue and efficient, friendly staff, not to mention the food. Well worth a visit.

Mcdonalds in Rosebank is unquestionably one of the most popular landmarks in the Sandton area. If someone does not  know where to go or where to meet from out of town, this is the perfect spot. If you are old enough to remember that McDonalds was not always part of our culture, then you will not appreciate the food as much as the older generation; always efficient and the food quite palatable for a takeaway treat.

Everyone loves a Wimpy Burger or a Wimpy Breakfast. The Wimpy in Fourways is one of the best to be found this side of the Equator. Friendly staff, great service and wonderful meals – meet friends, take the kids and enjoy that childhood favourite that is popular with every family in South Africa.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Four Restaurants to Eat At In Durban

If you are looking for somewhere really laid-back and pleasant, the Gloria Jeans Coffee Store in the Pavilion Shopping Centre in Westville, Durban is just the place to have a quick business meeting or to have a bit of a chin-wag over a lovely cuppa with a couple of friends.If it is specialty, excellent brew you are after, Gloria Jeans Coffee Store will be able to satisfy the fussiest palate. Warm, friendly ambience and service to match does not getter much nicer than this. Fast and efficient service will seal the deal every time. Pair that delicious cup of coffee with some delectable eats for a memorable coffee shop experience.

It is interesting how the Mugg & Bean restaurant group is as good in Joburg as it is in Cape Town as it is in Durban. Mugg & Bean in Gateway Shopping Centre, Durban is certainly no exception. If you want to escape from the office for a bit, this is the perfect place to grab a coffee, have a meeting, enjoy breakfast with clients or meet with a couple of friends. A bottomless cuppa is always welcome, and in particular if it is a great brew you appreciate. Popular, laid-back and welcoming – what more can one say?

The nice thing about Bibis is that they not only cater for those that love fresh fish; you can also enjoy a memorable pizza or some fabulous tikkas served by the ever-accommodating friendly staff. If it is lovely fishcakes you crave, then look no further than Bibis in the heart of Shark Rugby country.

Many of us travel from point A to point B on a regular basis and if you are like everyone else, you have chosen cheap flights that don’t serve food on the plane that you don’t have to pay for. The KFC at King Shaka Airport will sort this problem out super-fast. Their food is always delicious and fresh and if you have not had a Kentucky for a while, this is a good place to break the drought. Recommend their burgers and grilled chicken!

Friday, 1 November 2013

Five Restaurants to Eat In Pretoria

If you are in the mood for authentic pub grub, you simply HAVE to try the cool menu at Lucky Rodrigo which is located in Lynnwood Pretoria. Lucky Rodrigo is famous for its burgers and shakes. For those that love craft beer, a wonderful vibe or would like to hang out with a couple of eccentrics or your mates over the weekend or a Friday after work, there is no place better than Lucky Rodrigo’s.

Try Blu Saffron for a fine dining experience in Pretoria. The Blu Saffron is situated at the Pretoria Country Club, Waterkloof, Pretoria, and overlooks the well-maintained golf course. This is the perfect choice for entertaining business associates or for that special occasion that calls for a more sophisticated dining experience. The good food enjoyed in a warm and elegant ambience will certainly do the trick. This is most certainly one of Gauteng’s finer eating establishments for those wanting a fine dining experience.

For those that enjoy authentic, Portuguese cuisine, o’Galito, a fine Portuguese establishment reminiscent of the good old days back then in Laurenço Marques, will most certainly be a nostalgic trip back in time for many.  You will discover the finest prawns, langoustines, lobsters and oysters on the menu, and for those that are not overly-fond of seafood the peri-peri chicken plus other items on the menu will certainly not disappoint. This is a family-friendly warm restaurant which is highly recommended for those that love great food.

Brasserie de Paris, Waterkloof, Pretoria

Are you in the mood for some really fine French Cuisine? The fussiest palate will be happily satisfied with the excellent fare on offer at Brasserie de Paris, Waterkloof, Pretoria. This restaurant is both classical and fashionable, is close to the Pretoria Country Club, and is able to offer an intimate dining experience catering for no more than forty patrons at one sitting. Albeit small in size, the menu is large in choice – fine wines and champagnes and superb food will mean you can celebrate an auspicious occasion with ease. Who needs Paris when you have Brasserie de Paris on your doorstep?

Cattle Baron, Centurion

Steak anyone? You don’t need to go to Texas to enjoy the steaks at world-famous Cattle Baron Steakhouse. The old adage still stands – if you want a good meal anywhere in the world, whether it is France, Italy or Thailand – eat where the local eat. Cattle Baron, Centurion is no exception to this rule. This is one of the most well-loved eateries where the locals hang out.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Choose Shanghai Club in Tamil Nadu, Chennai for Fine Dining

If you are not interested in grabbing a Mac Donald’s (they are everywhere in India), and would like to savour a wonderful fine dining experience,  I will recommend the Shanghai Club in Tamil Nadu, Chennai for an exceptional fine dining experience.

Fine dining does not get much better than this. Interestingly enough, although the menu seems to be rather on the grand side, the food is not over-priced; suffice to say, the Shanghai Club is all about fabulous food and a wonderful, warm and classy ambiance.

The restaurant can be found on the ground floor of the Sheraton Chola Hotel, and is so spacious it can easily host a banquet – which means it is fabulous for business occasions or for a celebration that will need quite a lot of room.

Cream-coloured  walls, ceiling fans and deep, plush carpets merge with the crisp  white Chinese silk tablecloths and matching napkins set a scene that shouts opulence and class.

Well-mannered and punctual service by the maitre de along with the hostess will usher you to your table where you can feast to your heart’s content.

Choose deep fried lotus roots in chili and honey sauce or fried bean curd for a memorable meal. The crisp fried squid steeped in onion and garlic is also quite unforgettable.

If you are visiting Chennai, you simply HAVE to have a meal at the Shanghai Club for that fine dining experience.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Green Park Hotel Chennai

Don’t visit India without trying to spot a couple of elusive tigers. In Rajasthan it is a good idea to visit Ranthambore National Park, and if you are planning to see quite a bit of India, ask your travel agent to put a professional travel plan together when planning your travels to India.

If you are thinking of stopping over in Chennai a couple of days and nights at the well-rated four star Green Park Hotel in Chennai will offer you an unforgettable experience which will have you packing a suitcase full of fond memories to take back with you.

At Green Park, guests are revered and are offered excellent  service combined with that rare marriage of attention to the finest detail to ensure that guests are comfortable, happy and have world-class conveniences at their fingertips. Whether the trip is for business or for pleasure, this world-class establishment will have you coming back for an encore every time.

If you are looking for that rare combination which includes outstanding facilities, brilliant cuisine, state-of-the art amenities for the business traveller, Green Park Hotel in Chennai has it all and more.

This is a brilliant spot for those special events, conferences and business meetings. The restaurants are pretty good, and have a little something for everyone. This is a definite to have at the top of your itinerary when visiting India.

The Green Park Hotel in Chennai is a pleasant all-round experience for those on holiday or conducting business.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Flying To India from Twenty Four International Destinations with Jet Airways

If you are planning to fly to India, whether from South Africa or from numerous other destinations, it is a good idea to fly with Jet Airways.

Six destinations and each connected every five minutes will not get better than that. Friendly, efficient, well- trained staff will ensure you enjoy a pleasant flight.

With the first flight in 1993, it is suffice to say that Jet Airways enjoys a good track record and is now one of the fastest growing airlines in the world; therefore, when you fly Jet Airways, you fly smart.

Connecting 24 international destinations and operating flights to and from fifty two destinations in and around India, Jet Airways is a convenient and well-priced option of getting in and around India.

Interesting Jet Airways facts:

·         Jet Airways is the second of India’s two major airlines in market –related terms as well as passenger numbers carried.
·         The airline is based in Mumbai and also in Maharashtra
·         51% of Jet Airways is owned by Naresh Goyal.
·         Jet Airways operates over 1000 flights to seventy six destinations worldwide every day.
·         The main hub of Jet Airways is Mumbai, with secondary hubs being Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru and Pune.

If you are looking for a direct flight to India for some masala, magic and mayhem, Jet Airways will take you there without further ado. Book your window seat now for some happy flying!

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Femina Beauty Salon, Saligramam

If you are looking for a beauty salon that will cater for all your beauty rituals and requirements look no further than Femina Beauty Salon in Saligramam, Chennai, as this is just the place to turn ugly ducklings into lovely swans.

Everything that you need to make yourself more beautiful is on offer in this incredibly diverse beauty salon including skin treatments such as acne to anti-aging; with so much to choose from you will certainly find the right product to suit your skin perfectly.

If you are getting married, are having a special get-together or are celebrating one of the high holidays, you will find everything here as we will cater to please everyone from your little sister to your mother-in-law. You can have your nails done, hair fixes plus and if you are thinking of having a girls outing before the big day, arrange to have your manicures and pedicures as well as a couple of stress-relieving treatments for something special.

Not only is this a one-stop type of beauty salon where wedding make-up can be applied to perfection, the prices are also reasonable.

Hair treatments include:
  •          Hair ironing.
  •          Crimping.
  •          Hair colour.
  •          Hair loss treatment and much more.

Body treatments range from:
  •          Body wraps.
  •          Body contouring.
  •          Rejuvenation.
  •          Stress-relieving treatments and more.

Whether you are a visitor to Saligramam or are planning your wedding in this part of the world, Femina Beauty Salon is the perfect refuge that will take care of all your and your family’s needs turning ducks into swans.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Yowzit’s TOP 10 rated restaurants in South Africa

Now we present the fruits of your labour with the first of many TOP TEN Yowzit-award winning lists for you to try, add and comment about. Today’s Tasty10s features the ten best restaurants as rated and REVIEWED by you and your Yowzit friends.

Yowzit’s TASTY10s!

Restaurant Rated 1 in SA: Roma Revolving Restaurant – Durban.

Roma offers excellence beyond compare, from it unsurpassed ocean and bay views, to its innovative cuisine. Read more ...

Restaurant Rated 2 in SA: Spiga O’ doro – Durban.

Reminiscent of Italian pavement bistros, Spiga O’doro offers lively food to complement its famous buzz. Read more ...

Restaurant Rated 3 in SA: The Waffle House – Ramsgate, KZN

Alegendary eatery famous for Belgian-style waffles, superb morning and afternoon teas, as well as sensational lunches. Read more ...

Restaurant Rated 4 in SA: The Grill House – Rosebank, JHB

Winners of more “choice” awards than almost any other steakhouse over the last 17 years, the Grillhouse continues its legacy. Read more ...

Restaurant Rated 5 in SA: Piatto Restaurant Grill – Eastgate, JHB.

A Johannesburg institution and fast becoming a South African favourite, enjoy famously decadent cock-tails and great times. Read more ...

Restaurant Rated 6 in SA: Scrooge Diner – Randburg (Brightwater Commons).

For over a decade Scrooge Diner has been the word in steaks, ribs, Eisbein and generally superb gastronomy. Read more ...

Restaurant Rated 7 in SA: Motherland Coffee, Rosebank, JHB.

Find coffee of excellence, superb meals and interesting conversations at Motherland Coffee in trendy Rosebank. Everything’s fresh and served with flair. Read more ...

Restaurant Rated 8 in SA: Bukhara – Sandton, JHB

Watch North-Indian chefs in action as they prepare some of the finest food this side of the equator. Read more ...

Restaurant Rated 9 in SA: Cape Town Fish Market – Canal Walk

Famous for fish and a feast of culinary delights – CTFM is known for its excellent quality produce at affordable prices. Read more ...

Restaurant Rated 10 in SA: Harries Pancakes – Graskop, Mpumalanga

25 years of making the finest savoury and sweet pancakes has left an indomitable impression on South Africa’s gastronomic psyche. Read more ...

Get on Yowzit and start rating our Yowzit 10s. Best wishes and many happy REVIEWS. 
Pramod Mohanlal
Co-founder & MD: Yowzit