Thursday, 27 March 2014

Why your Yowzit reviews could help this up and coming election

Public service

Are you voting for the DA, the ANC or any other party on the list this up-and-coming Election Day? Do you feel as though you are being bombarded by posters, radio and TV ads from a million different parties and quite frankly don’t quite know which one is better than the other?

Are you disappointed or ecstatic about the service you're getting from your local Department of Home Affairs or find that you are thrilled to bits with the service you received at your neighborhood Government Hospital oncology unit or are pleased with the overall education your children have received through the Government system despite the doomsayers that are always belittling what is and what is not happening around the country in general?

Read the reviews of other “Yowziters” and see what they have to say before you decide which way the wind blows or why not add your bits and pieces if you are thrilled or terribly disillusioned about a Public Service.

If you don’t say anything about your experiences no-one will be any the wiser. You don’t have to toi-toi to get your point across – but if everyone says their bit about a service whether it is good or bad, then once the word gets out a chain reaction could ignite disgruntled consumers to speak out about their equally bad experiences; otherwise they could end up singing  praises where deserved. 

If no-one says anything and keeps deadly quiet, wrongs cannot be corrected.

On the flip side of the coin, if everyone was pleased with a particular Public Service perhaps there are others who will follow suit, but a little shy to speak out and speak up.

Reviews regarding your experiences could have a domino effect on the way in which people view a party this Election Day – being brave by speaking out is perhaps the only way forward, and what better way than to join the other brave “Yowziters” with your opinion.

Who you vote for this Election Day is up to you – but if you are not happy by not voting will mean that nothing can be corrected – remember that voting is a privilege – cast yours and tell it like it is on

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