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Places of Worship in South Africa, Nigeria and India

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If you hail from South Africa you will soon discover that we are indeed a rainbow nation – especially when it comes to the diverse places of worship. There are Jews, Christians, Hindus and Muslims that all have their own churches, temples and mosques. Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Methodist, Temples and Mosques – there is somewhere for everyone who’d like to devote, pray or meditate in his or her own special and individual way.

Worshipping in South Africa:

Are you new to your city and not too sure where to go to worship? Why not visit our Yowzit site to find out what others are saying about what they think and believe regarding this aspect of their lives.

We have a plethora of Temples , Shuls and churches but the Nizamiye Turkish Masjid in Midrand which boasts impressive domes and soaring minarets – the first of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, is a landmark where you can get lost in its fine architecture and which was opened by President Zuma in 2012. Over and above the house of prayer, the Masjid includes a school for 850 learners, has boarding facilities, a clinic, shops plus restaurant. Some of the architectural marvels include courtyards, huge arched stained-glass windows, and little domes – to mention a couple of the interesting features. The splendidly ornamented Nizamiye Turkish Masjid has been designed to accommodate 3500 worshippers. There is also a huge basement-level dining and conference hall with a stage for public events.

Religion in Nigeria:

·         Christianity is perhaps the most popular religion practiced in Nigeria which was introduced to this country by missionaries from Britain.

·         Due to the establishment of hospitals which was a huge draw-card to the natives, Christianity soon became part of the lives of many Nigerians since.

·         Most interesting of all is that there are in excess of 50 million Christians in Nigeria although there are many Nigerians that are practicing Muslims, too.

Religion in India:

·         Of special interest is that India is known as the birthplace of philosophy and spirituality as well as being the land of many religions.

·         About 80% of all Indians are Hindus, although Indians are also practicing Christians, Muslims, and Sikhs among other religions.

If you are looking for places of worship in South Africa, Nigeria or India – you will indeed be spoilt for choice. 

Visiting the reviews of others should take away the edge of confusion, pointing you in the right direction. There is a place of worship for every religion; all you need to do is read the reviews of others on our site to find out more.

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